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Car Wash Experts

Since 1984, ELAL has been designing, installing and servicing added value car and truck washes for Quebec and Ontario region.


The reference in car wash equipment in Quebec

Automatic Car Wash:
the clear choice

Our solutions are tailored according to your business location and unique needs, in order to deliver maximum value.

On the road, your vehicles and those of your customers become brand ambassadors. The equipments we use ensures that your vehicles are impeccably clean!


We use most efficient automation, lighting and water recycling technologies in order to meet environmental standards and reduce operating costs.


Each project start with an analysis of your needs, the most suitable location and income projection, in order to maximise your ROI.

Impeccable service
for over 35 years!

Throughout each project, our experts look for your best interest and review
every detail in order to provide the optimal solution for your needs.

Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve installed hundreds of automatic car washes for major oil companies,
car dealerships and private investors in Quebec and Ontario region.